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It's Saturday - so many of you will be on the road again. if you are just setting out you no doubt have a car full of excitement that lasts just about to the end of the road before the cry goes up "are we nearly there yet"! So how do you keep the half-pints entertained?

night sky2


Perseid Meteor Shower

“Keep your eyes on the stars, and your feet on the ground”. Theodore Roosevelt

Whether you have an astronomer’s eye for the skies or whether your life is mapped out by the sign of the zodiac you were born under, the stars have always played a huge part in our lives. Maybe you are the kind of person who “reaches for the stars” in everything you do, or are you one of the fortunate ones who was “born under a lucky star”. Whether you have “stars in your eyes” or you believe your fate is “written in the stars” – those heavenly bodies have an impact on most of us. I defy anyone not to feel on cloud nine as they secretly voice an inner-most wish as a shooting star blazes a trail across the sky.


Skomer Island

Just a stone's throw away from Beach View Cottages a day trip to Skomer is always fun. It’s so close that Garland Stones on the Northern tip of the island are visible from the cottages. Just a few miles along the Pembrokeshire Coast is Martin's Haven where, weather permitting, boats leave daily to Skomer Island from April through to September. Only a short hop over to the island, the boat trip is a great opportunity to watch gannets dive bombing down into the sea, dolphins and porpoise. 

Once you have climbed the steps from the landing stage the walk around the island is pretty easy and flat although we do advise that you wear good walking sandals or shoes. Please remember that dogs are not allowed onto the island due to the huge numbers of ground-nesting birds. 

View the Puffin Shuttle timetable, feel free to ask any questions

Watch our video and find out more about why you should visit

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blue flag cmyk copy   

How lucky are we! Not only are we able to enjoy the most stunning views over Broad Haven’s wonderful beach from the comfort of our home but we can also rest easy in the knowledge that Broad Haven has once again been awarded Blue Flag status. Definitely one of the finest in Pembrokeshire, Broad Haven’s beautiful Blue Flag beach is the perfect paradise for family fun whatever the weather. Bue flag status is ....